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SEO Maidenhead, PPC Management

For PPC or SEO Maidenhead, Hubbub can help. When people come looking, who will they find? In a world where most people turn first to search Google when they need something, you need to make sure that they find you and not your competitors. This might be organic search or Google Ads (formerly Adwords).

Search Marketing comes in two forms and both are designed to generate more sales for your business.

SEO Agency Maidenhead

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Organic (or natural) search results are the ones that you don’t pay Google and other search engines for. Google for example uses a complex calculation to work out the order of results when a Google user searches for the things you offer. Google changes their algorithm 500 times per year, according to their own announcements. You need SEO management experts to keep your website SEO up to date and ensure you keep a steady flow of visitors to your site.

We make various technical changes to your website, designed to help Google put you at the top of the listings. Then, as people search for the things you do, you appear, and they click onto your website instead of your competitors’.

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PPC Agency Maidenhead

PPC Management (Pay-per-Click) – Paid Google listings are called Google Ads. We don’t need to make any changes to your website, and you can get near instant results. The only downside is you pay for what you get, each time you get it. So, each time a person clicks onto your website, you pay a fee to Google. What we do is optimise the ads so that these clicks generate more sales, cost you less and you don’t get clicks from people that are not relevant. PPC management can be very complex and can be expensive when done incorrectly. Use the experts.

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With our offices in Maidenhead, Hubbub can choose the right approach to Search Marketing for your business. We then work hard to deliver it expertly, making sure that all the details are right, so that your business grows both sales and profits.

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