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The Problem

A musical instrument insurance provider had been running Google Ads at first though an agency, then took over management in-house.  Their cost per conversion had gone up to £120 and the effort wasn’t profitable.

Our Approach

We were provided access to the client’s Google Ads account and conducted an analysis of the campaigns.  We found some “quick wins” in the bidding strategies and the general structure of the campaigns.  As those took effect, the cost per conversion dropped dramatically.  There were also a number of campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords that were generating a lot of clicks (and therefore costs) but were not converting. These were shut down.

Ongoing Work

As the new structure, bidding strategy, and ad changes took effect, we gathered more and more data.  This informed us as to how we might improve things even more. This involved looking into how well individual keywords and ads were working and making adjustments. Also, experimenting with Google’s AI tools to find the best performing types of ads (text, responsive, dynamic, etc.) gave great results. Currently we have a very effective mix of these types of ads. We also periodically implemented Display Ads to build their brand, which improved their Organic Search results. We created a number of visuals for these ads and monitored performance to ensure the best ones were utilised.


When we first took the account on, the Cost per Conversion was about £120 and they received about 50 conversions per month. After  11 months of declining costs, the Cost per Conversion was £7.20 and they were getting about 500 conversion per month.  They are a happy client.

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